Day one has come and the outsourcing deal has become a reality. Nothing is free in life, and thinking that you get the same level of quality and knowledge for less money might no longer be a question, but by now you probably already know the answer. Yes, there is always opportunity to save money. However, going with the elusive percentageofsavingsthatsomeoutsourcingorganizationspresenttotheir customers is simply foolish. You will soon realize that there are other areas you have to invest in, to ensure that your organization can operate smoothly. Sometimes the attitude outsourcing companies take toward risk is not really the same as what your organization would take. ‹e challenge now is to šnd the right level of control to ensure that your organization gets the service it is entitled to. Even though the outsourcing company holds and processes information that your organizationgetsfromitscustomers,intheendyourorganization is still responsible for the security and privacy of that information. A security incident that results in the breach of a regulation might become an expensive exercise for your organization, because it is still responsible for the protection of your customers’ data.