We are living in a fast-paced world; what was in demand today might not be in demand tomorrow. As organizations reshape themselves, outsourcing needs and existing relationships with outsourcing companies need to change or even come to an end. It might have been di²cult to get the outsourcing contract going; however, this is nothingcomparedwithdetanglingsomeoftheprocessesandrelationships that have been established over the years or sometimes decades with an outsourcing company. Outsourcing deals are reaching a magnitude where new entities come to life due to an outsourcing company’s buying part of the client organization to share the business risk. ‹ose deals seem to be “forever.” However, no matter how big the deal is, it is advisable to always have an exit strategy that needs to start when contract terms are dešned, containing not only the legal and contractualaspects,butalsoadetailedlivingtechnologyplanonhowto move assets back from an outsourcing company to the organization or from one outsourcing company to another.