In 2011, six uniformed law enforcement officers were feloniously murdered in the line of duty by teen offenders aged sixteen to nineteen. The six cases we will examine include:

• Jahmell Crockam, who murdered an officer who stopped to talk with him as he walked in a residential neighborhood

• Nicholas Lindsey, who killed an officer interviewing him near the scene of a car burglary

• Kion Dail, who fired at police through a locked door when they came to serve a warrant for his arrest, killing one officer

• Jonathan Bun, who murdered an officer during a traffic stop • Kyle Williams, who killed an officer who was patting down

him and his friends during the investigation of a disturbance in a neighborhood park

• Stephon Carter, who killed an officer who was investigating an attempted drive-by shooting in which Carter was involved

In addition to their ages, what other traits did these youthful offenders have in common? This chapter explores the nature and character of these youthful offenders through a comparative analysis of these incidents, with a focus on age, race, gang affiliation, criminal history, motive, and circumstances of these murders. Unlike many other cop-killers, each of the teen offenders survived.