Braced Multi> 2 Open strutted trench Trapezoidal/ Fully restrained system Rectangular H> 5m

Semi flexible Two Soldier pile with two Trapezoidal/ Partially restrained anchors Rectangular/ system H< 5m

Triangular Flexible system – One Soldier pile with one Triangular Shape changes depends no bracing or None anchor Sheet piling, on type of wall gravity system Gravity wall movement

Any wall with Any Concrete platform at Rectangular Added to triangular or uniform surcharge top of wall with other pressure load at top of wall 20 kPa traffic distribution Any with load Any Point load – pad footing Irregular with Based on the theory of offset at Line load – narrow strip maximum near elasticity. This is added top of wall footing top half of wall to the other loads

Strip load – strip footing During wall Any Compaction induced Passive line at Applies when a heavy construction pressure distribution the top with static or dynamic

vertical drop to construction load is the active line within ½ height of wall

◦ Triangular distributions while used for the analysis of any non-braced wall strictly apply only to walls with no movement (at rest condition) and free to rotate about the base.