Drilling information Sampling and testing Soil description Comments and origin

D ep th

D ri lli ng

m et ho


T im e of

dr ill in g

W at er

le ve l

Sa m pl e ty pe

A m ou

nt of

re co ve ry

Fi el d te st – ty pe

(P P<


SV ,P P, D C P)


sy m bo

l/s oi lt yp e

C ol ou


Pl as tic ity /p ar tic le de sc ri pt io n

St ru ct ur e

C on

si st en cy

M oi st ur e

◦ Pocket and Palm PCs are increasingly being used. Many practitioners prefer not to rely only on an electronic version. These devices are usually not suitable for logging simultaneously with fast production rates of drilling, even with coded entries. These devices are useful in mapping cuttings and for relatively slow rock coring on site, or for cores already drilled.