One of the downsides of aging is that we end up with dull, thin, sagging, rough skin with more and more wrinkles. Since appearance of the skin is an overt and discernible visual indicator of biological age, everyone wants to preserve one’s healthy and youthful-looking skin, particularly on the face, as long as possible. So, understanding skin aging and consumer needs are key areas of focus in the cosmetics industry, as well as nding effective ways to treat and prevent rough skin and wrinkles: about 50% of all women in their 40s state that ne lines or rst wrinkles are their most important skin problems, and nearly 70% of all women use an antiaging facial day care product to decelerate or postpone overt signs of skin aging (Internal Beiersdorf data from GfK Custom Research; Usage & Attitude Study Face Care & Cleansing, October 2010, based on 6050 women in 11 countries worldwide).