The event leaders-or at least a subset of them-should meet on a regular basis during the four-to six-week event-planning period to assess progress and assure all necessary activities have been completed, setting the stage for successful execution. As described in the Introduction to this book, the CD included on the inside back cover contains a Kaizen Event Tools file, which includes two key planning tools: the Kaizen Event Charter and the Planning Checklist (Tab 1 and 2 in the file). As noted in the CD Instructions for Use that follow the book’s Introduction, the Kaizen Event Tools file is an Excel-based toolset that is organized into the three phases of a Kaizen Event with color-coded tabs that indicate the phase in which the tools are used: Planning (blue tabs), Execution (yellow tabs), and Follow-up (purple tabs). Before reading on, review the CD Instructions for Use, which includes important information about the tools’ functionality. Print a copy of the Kaizen Event Charter and Planning Checklist to refer to while reading this chapter and the rest of Part II, which describes the process for completing the Kaizen Event Charter and the relationship between the charter and the Planning Checklist.