This chapter covers the various connection methods available in the SATA architecture. Due to its vast adaptability, SATA has become more than just another disk technology. The SATA-IO has developed a number of different form factors, power advancements, and consumer applications solutions that include the following (see Figure 8.1):

 Micro SATA connector for 1.8-inch HDD  Internal Slimline  LIF-SATA (Low Insertion Force)  mSATA  SATA USM (Universal Storage Module)  Micro SSD  Internal M.2  SATA Express

Legacy SATA storage provides host systems with low-cost, high-capacity storage. From an application perspective, SATA has provided the capacity storage tier, and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) has served the Enterprise. Today, however, SATA device manufacturers have added a middle tier of SATA devices that fills the gap between the high-cost Enterprise class and less-reliable Client class storage.