There are many benefits from organizations adopting and maintaining an effective management system. Organizations that apply and work with management systems often generate excellent business performance for their stakeholders. Typically, such organizations demonstrate

• Standardized business processes and practices, often guided by requirements established in elements, standards, policies, and procedures

• Operational discipline that is reflected in consistent approaches to business practices and their way of doing business

• Strong business reliability and operations performance that lead to strong production and financial performance

• Work that is often conducted in an organized and planned manner • Excellent environmental and social responsibility performance • Motivated workforce that is reflected in less employee turnover • Employer of choice-high employee morale

• Lower worker turnover-free to go, want to be there • Attracts the best and brightest • High worker morale and excellent work ethics and attitudes

• High productivity and profitability-standardization and elimination of duplicated efforts

• Fewer incidents • High operating reliability • Greater operating efficiency • More efficient use of scarce resources • Maximized value creation • Goodwill for environment and socially responsible behaviors

• Minimizes impact to the environment • Returns to society in the forms of employment, community

development, and disaster support • Excellent corporate goodwill and image

• More effective knowledge management/transfer and consistency in decision making • Creates a learning culture • Fewer repeat incidents • Better and more timely value-added decisions • Quality knowledge shared • Applied knowledge

• Improved customer, contractor, and supplier relationships • Greater efficiency and performance from shared values • Contractors and suppliers know what is expected of them when

working at the company • Less rework required • On-budget and on-schedule delivery of projects

• Peer and industry recognition • Know-how and competence • Best practices

Undoubtedly, therefore, management systems generate operation discipline and excellence. When the fundamentals of the organizational management system are clearly understood by all levels of the organization, and workers understand the positive impacts on their work from operating within the confines and requirements of the management system, organizational health and safety, production, and financial performance are optimized.