This chapter analyzes relationships between the project team and the final two groups of stakeholders: sidewards and outwards stakeholders. Sidewards stakeholders are the peers of the project manager within the organization and external to it, but are still stakeholders of the project and have the capability to affect or may be affected by the work of the project. Outwards stakeholders are all other stakeholders outside the project-the list is long. There may not be many opportunities to build direct relationships between the project team and each outwards group or individual. Often, the relationships will be indirect, carried out through a third party: the government contact, the account manager, the representative of the project’s customer, or the union representative, for example. Without the ability to directly influence this type of stakeholder and build strong relationships when necessary, other options become necessary. These other options are building alliances with these third parties, utilizing networks to influence stakeholders not directly connected with the project manager or team, or negotiating as a final option.