Introduction The design science research cycle (DSRC) (Figures 2.3 and 2.4 in Chapter 2), in addition to being an empirically observed description of individual (or project team) design science research activity across multiple fields, is a powerful framework for understanding intellectual development at broader levels of human activity. In this chapter, the DSRC is expanded so that the actors are communities-of practice or research-and in each iteration through the cycle different communities, united only by a common interest in some aspect of a broadly useful artifact, for example, databases, pass information between each other via journals and other media, conferences, and social networks. From this perspective, information and communication technology (ICT) design science research projects can be seen not only to use the DSRC but also to participate in a broader, inter-group intellec-

tual conversation modeled by a collective version of the DSRC-the A(ggregate) DSRC (Figure 3.1).