The durability of concrete is a broad, extensively researched subject and there is much literature available. Codes of practice to assist engineers in designing durable concrete have been published by the British Standards Institution (previously BS 8110 1985 BS 5328 1990 and now BS EN 206-1 2000 and BS 8500-1, 2 2006), the American Concrete Institute (annual publication), the Comité Euro-International du Beton (1992) and the Commission Internationale des Grands Barrages (1989). Good general reviews of concrete durability include Kropp and Hilsdorf (1995), Glanville and Neville (1997), Hobbs (1998), Walker (2000), Neville (2001), Rendell et al. (2002), Newman and Choo (2003), Sims 2003, Page and Page (2007) and Neville (2006).