INTRODUCTION Networking technology has greatly changed the way that our society functions as a whole, leading to a new era of e-business, social interaction, and virtual organizations. ere is

CONTENTS Introduction 215 Background 217

Network Security 217 Big Data in Network Security 217 Cloud Computing and MapReduce Framework 218

Our Approach 219 Design Rationale 219 Algorithm Design 220

MapReduce-Based LR ML Scheme 220 MapReduce-Based Naïve Bayes ML Scheme 223

Implementation 224 Performance Evaluation 227

Evaluation Methodology 227 Experimental Results 228

Conclusion 230 Acknowledgment 230 References 231

an omnipresent need for security and robust detection schemes to protect critical network infrastructures. Cyber-threats are signicantly more dangerous than they have ever been and are growing in number and sophistication. Due to the widespread nature of cyber-threats (e.g., malware propagation), large-scale trac monitoring across networks has become an essential part of eectively detecting and defending against contemporary cyber-attacks. Nonetheless, large-scale threat monitoring over distributed networks leads to extremely Big Data from monitored end-hosts and network devices [1].