As many government employees will attest, this generation of federal-sector employees has entered unchartered waters, resulting in fear and an increasing level of uncertainty regarding what the future holds. Coupled with the effects of sequestration* (and the failed attempts by our elected officials on Capitol Hill to embrace bipartisanship and resolve their political differences), there is not only national but also international concern. With the symbiotic relationship shared by the 36 acknowledged world economies, most of these economies are becoming increasingly dependent on each other in varying degrees for continued economic growth and prosperity. As with any relationship of this nature, the evolution of important notions such as cross-border integration and globalization are changing the very fabric of the international community, a new course if America, the global champion of democracy

and capitalism, stumbles or falters. In the midst of uncertainty, government agencies have difficulty in accomplishing the tasks set before them with fewer resources and personnel than are traditionally accustomed.