Innovation begins by defining needs (requirements). For discussion purposes and in general, the term requirement is synonymous with our definition of need. In some manner, needs are related to wants in the same sense that many federal organizations understand there is a need and desire for change but struggle with implementing that change, thereby leaving the change unfulfilled. Subsequently, requirements and needs are synonymous. This is not to say that wants (e.g., enhancing capabilities) will not eventually become needs based on changes in policy, economic conditions, or international pressure, for example. In reality, needs are often accompanied by wants as “add-ons” as people close to the decision maker seek to enhance the perceived value of meeting a prioritized need. By nature, we all tend to seek additional value based on

our own personal experience, but the subjectivity this activity brings often changes how we accomplish our goal of satisfying a defined need. This chapter shares our thoughts on the definition of requirements as they relate to core competencies. It also briefly introduces the Defense Acquisition System (DAS), Joint Capabilities and Integration Development System (JCIDS), and the Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution (PPBE) process relationship. Finally, in this chapter, the terms agency and organization are synonymous, as are the terms requirement and need.