Eliza sat alone in her office with the door tightly shuta rarity for her. She was a strong proponent of being an accessible and approachable president and CEO, but on this Monday morning she needed a little quiet time to think. She didn’t have a great weekend; instead of enjoying her time with her daughters and husband, she was preoccupied by work concerns. Normally, Eliza was able to separate home from work. When she was home with the kids, she always made an effort to be fully present for them. She set up a place on her desk in her home office where she would regularly deposit her smartphone and her laptop so that she wouldn’t be tempted to check and recheck e-mails or return phone calls during family time. She was good at setting up boundaries and systems in order to manage her time

effectively. But today, time management wasn’t her problem. Nor, for that matter, were her work troubles on her phone or laptop. Her troubles were back at work, and she couldn’t stop thinking about them.