StatCalc is a stand-alone application, and many copies (as much as the screen can hold) of StatCalc can be opened simultaneously. To open two copies, click on StatCalc icon on your desktop or select from the start menu. Once the main page of StatCalc opens, click on the StatCalc icon again on your desktop. The second copy of StatCalc pops up exactly over the first copy, and so using the mouse, drag the second copy to a different location on your desktop. Now, we have two copies of StatCalc. Suppose we want to compare binomial probabilities with those of the

in the and from the other.

Input the values as shown in Figure 0.2. We observe from these two dialog boxes

that the binomial probabilities with n = 20 and p = 0.2 are very close to those of the hypergeometric with lot size (population size) 5000 and the number of items with the attribute of interest is 1000. Furthermore, good agreement of the moments of these two distributions clearly indicates that, when the lot size is 5000 or more, the hypergeometric probabilities can be safely approximated by the binomial probabilities.