ORIGINATION e originating process is straightforward. It is simply the process of making transmission holograms from real or virtual objects. But there are some technical limitations. As we are going to replicate the image by embossing, the master must be compatible with the replicating system. e rst embossed holograms were intended for use as book illustrations, but when publishing turned universally to digital methods, the inability to digitally manipulate the image on a hologram killed the enterprise. Commercial interests are now attempting its resurrection [1], but at the moment, embossed holograms are rather small, and the maximum hologram size for most commercial replicating systems is 6 × 6 in. e size of masters for embossed holograms containing 3D images together with other visual eects is at present limited to 10 × 10 mm up to 30 × 40 mm. e size of master originals containing simple diractive pattern for packaging materials can be as large as 1 × 1.5 m. Some of these large masters do contain some 3D images.