OTU-like cysteine protease and helicase are located at 29-158 and 35-157 positions, which are similar to that of CCHFV and DUGV. Catalytic sequence in OTU region of GANV differs from CCHFV as GDGNCFYHSIAX100 HFD is found in the latter, while ADGNCFYHSIAX HFD is found in GANV and NSDV. Zinc nger motif is present at same positions 604-627 in both viruses. RNA-dependent RNA polymerase is present at positions 2082-2823, while RNA-directed RNA polymerase is at positions 2378-2593 in both viruses. Sequence comparison showed that DUGV is the biggest genome in the genus Nairovirus. KTHIG is absent in NSDV, which is present in all CCHFV [7].