Creating a sustainable culture and one that is ready to accept and embrace change is a significant challenge for sustainability champions. Creating an organizational structure that supports collaboration, agility, and reallocation of resources is crucial for long-term change. Unlocking the benefits of sustainable strategy requires a collaborative team approach. Senior leadership must understand its role relative to developing strategy in order to deliver triple bottom line value to stakeholders. Their approach must be collaborative, seeking input from both external and internal stakeholders, because the global challenges and opportunities facing organizations are interconnected and complex. Effective solutions come from creating cross-functional teams with a variety of expertise to collaborate and develop solutions. In order to support this collaborative approach, new business platforms need to be developed to create an adaptive and responsive organization. Budgets and resources need to be reallocated in order to support a more adaptive structure. Communication and change management play a crucial role. As discussed in Chapter 10, human resource professionals are valuable team members, assisting with delivering key messages to internal stakeholders and helping to manage change.