He’d mentioned his weight to his doctor at different times in recent months and, well, it had never gone any further than a kind of ‘blokey ’ discussion about how some people just are big, and how perhaps he should cut down a bit on his fatty food intake. Nothing more than that. However, he had seen a different doctor a few weeks back and she seemed more concerned. She gave him a leaflet about obesity and suggested that he really needed to do something about it. In talking about it to her she recognised that he was actually feeling quite depressed about it. He had lost his motivation recently, everything just seemed an effort. Some days it was really difficult to go to work. And he didn’t always sleep well; he often woke up and felt quite drained in the morning. Things weren’t easy with his wife, either. Their sex life had, well, basically it didn’t exist. She said his size put her off. Quite why she felt that now he didn’t know. He’d always been big, so why the problem now? Yes, he’d put on more weight; yes, he was over 20 stone now, but he’d generally been around 17 stone for a long while, and she’d not complained so much in the past. Anyway, he thought, she’s not exactly petite.