Keith nodded. ‘I do. I feel myself reacting as I look at things. And you know, I don’t know, I’m not one for cooking, but I can remember as a kid my mother would cook pies and stuff, cakes as well, and she’d just put normal ingredients

in, I’m sure, you know. Pastry, what, milk, flour eggs, water, maybe some salt, stuff like that, but you look at what’s in pastry in one of these pies, what’s all the other stuff for? A lot is to preserve it, I guess, and enhance the flavour I sup­ pose, but if that’s in everything well, how do we know what effect it all has on our bodies, I mean all of it? I’m sure there’s research done, but I don’t know, we eat so many chemicals these days, makes me feel that my body’s like a great big test tube, I really do think that, and I wonder if in a way how much is really understood about the effects. I’m not making excuses, I know I eat too much, but I really think we need to know more clearly what we are eating, and if you can’t be sure, well, maybe you need to eat something you can be sure about. You know?’