Over the next few weeks the nurse will need to learn about the following: when to contact doctors; preparation for theatre/investigations; post-operative care; nasogastric (ng) tubes; percutaneous endoscopically guided gastrostomy (PEG) tubes; and so on. Enteral feeding occurs via an NG or PEG tube, and will be considered for patients who are unable to meet their nutritional requirements through their oral intake. Most Trusts require staff nurses to attend a course on recatheterisation of male patients, due to potential problems with regard to the prostate. Blood transfusion errors are potentially fatal, so the nurse must ensure that he/she is safe and knowledgeable with regard to this practice. Clinical supervision is an important part of developing as a competent practitioner. Professionalism means being consistent in his/her manner and actions, always being professional and ensuring that the standards of the nursing profession are always upheld.