The best program solution design involved with the design and deployment phase, occurred in 2007. The solution contains five key components critical to success: purpose and direction, leadership, people, processes and resources, plan and program. The purpose and direction should be clearly communicated and understood by the leadership, management, and every one of the people in the organization. Processes for problem-solving, communication, improvement, and change should be trained and developed within the organization. The plan and program is crucial for the probability of success. A key factor of success included the tools and tooling for implementation, that prescribed resources and processes for use and utilization. The ease of implementation matrix, the payoff matrix, and the efficiency matrix can be used by a team in additional to other prioritization methods and models to assist in setting priorities for the solution design, schedule, and implementation. The Tuckman Model is a model to use for team development. It consists of four stages: forming–storming–norming–performing.