This book discusses theories, tips, tricks, and techniques for the three-dimensional (3D) rigging setup of complex, technical, hard-surface geometries. It reviews human-made, industrial-type machinery such as chains, tracks, cogs, dials, wires, and pistons, among others. The goal is to design and create a system of hierarchies and controls that enables automation and overrides that an animator can control easily. The book discusses rigging principles that form the most basic foundations. By default, each and every object created in 3D has a name. This name is assigned by the 3D software application as a basic way to identify an object individually. Usually, the names created are basic but specific. 3 Stage Asset Build (3SAB) concept breaks down the creation of assets, no matter what they are, into three distinct stages: draft, refinement and polish. The book is designed to create complex technical and mechanical setups using one's own geometry and models.