This chapter covers the model creation of the steampunk train, and discusses the process of getting the ideas into the actual three-dimensional model using 3 Stage Asset Build (3SAB) process. It provides a list of all the visual features that could be included to create the overall concepts for this steampunk train. One needs to think about and implement some basic technical stipulations. This allows to create a model that fits within predefined parameters and the overall scope of the train creation project. The direct uses for the steampunk locomotive are for rigging tutorials, the front cover of the book, and short animation projects. In turn, these uses become the target platforms that have to be met. Most of the Primitives used in the basic model are Boxes that have been converted to an Editable Poly. The final stage of 3SAB modeling allows for any final/finishing touches, changes, fixes, and cleaning of the geometry, materials, and textures.