The Deformation Rig is created using the 3-Stage-Asset-Build. This chapter provides the opportunity to enhance the rig and specific elements and setups that is already created. For instance, the term “shot-specific rigs” refers to rigs that are created for use in just one shot or a few shots. These kinds of rigs are not suitable for general production use, but they do allow specific, specialist controls to do one or more things. Currently, Norah is a more generic rig. The chain that is rigged during the Animation and Automation phase works great for the Norah rig, but it does have some limitations that could be a deal-breaker in some situations. Both the second and third carriages of the Norah rig have objects that are suspended by either chains or an actual suspension system. Finally, rumble and vibrations are added to the supported elements in the Norah asset.