The success of the new generation anti-emetic therapy can perhaps be best summed in the words of one of the modern day cancer pioneers, Laurence Einhorn from Indianapolis, USA, who at a cancer physicians sojourn in Memphis, USA, on August 27, 2009 made the following statement: “in the 1980s the median number of emetic episodes with drugs like cisplatinum (Cisplatin) was 12; today this median number after current anti-emetic therapy is zero!” Einhorn, of course, gets considerable credit for introducing the cytotoxic chemotherapy drug cisplatinum for the successful therapy of testicular cancer and helped the legendary bicyclist, Laurence Armstrong, who not only achieved a complete remission from widespread testicular cancer with brain metastases, but went on to win a grand total of seven tour de France victories. Perhaps appropriately, Einhorn was recently accorded the honor of the Laurence Armstrong chair of Oncology.