Although we may not be aware of it, the influence of the Building Regulations is around us all the time. In our homes building regulations affect and control the:

Size and method of construction of foundations, walls (both internal and external), floors, roofs and chimneys

Size and position of stairs, room exits, corridors and external doors

Number, position, size and form of construction of windows and external doors (including glazing)

Methods for disposing of solid waste

Design, construction and use of the services such as:

above and below ground foul drainage taking the waste from kitchen and bathroom appliances (including the design and siting of the appliances themselves)

rainwater disposal systems including gutters and downpipes from roofs, and drainage from paths and paving

electrical installations

heating and hot water installations using gas, oil or solid fuel

fire detection and alarm systems

mechanical ventilation systems

Design and construction of the paths outside the house that:

lead to the main entrance

are used to access the place where refuse is stored