Africa Travel Association (ATA) Regional organization founded 1975 to promote and foster public interest in and the growth and development of travel and tourism to Africa. Members are government ministries of tourism, National Tourism Organizations, industry and allied firms and institutions. [www.africa.ata.org]

African Development Bank (ADB) Regional development bank established 1964 to contribute to the economic development and social progress of independent African countries. Since 1982 membership has been also open to non-African states. [www.afdb.org]

African Development Fund (ADF) An affiliate organization of the African Development Bank (ADB) established with an open membership 1972 to make loans to African member states at low rates of interest. Substantial loans have been made for projects in the transport sector with direct impact on tourism. [www.afdb.org]

Airports Council International (ACI) Sectoral organization created 1991 to succeed three existing bodies concerned with airport operations and combine their functions. Its membership includes several hundred airports and airport authorities in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide. [www.airports.org]

Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (AIT) International Touring Alliance (ITA) Worldwide organization founded 1898, present name adopted 1919, to represent motoring organizations and touring clubs, study and disseminate information, and render advice and assistance on touring and motoring. [www.aitgwa.ch]

Andean Group Regional inter-governmental organization of several South American countries established 1969 to accelerate the harmonious development of the member states through economic and social integration, including cooperation in transport, adoption of a common passport, and tourism promotion. [www.communidadandina.org]

ANTOR Acronym commonly denoting a body of National Tourism Organization representatives in a particular city or country as, e.g., Assembly of National Tourist Office Representatives in New York or Association of National Tourist Office Representatives in Great Britain.