VHS is the easiest format to make copies on but offers the lowest quality of video. Whichever type of recorder the readers used to create the master can be connected to a standard stereo VHS VCR. Every VHS tape they provide to a customer should have a label on it stating what is on the tape in the form of a title. There are two types of cases available for VHS tapes, cardboard sleeves and vinyl cases. There are simple sleeves that consist of one solid color. Sample colors include white, black, red, green, yellow, and purple. Then there are sleeves that contain nice graphic artwork. Commercially produced movies, sold in stores, have custom-designed artwork on their sleeves. Vinyl cases usually have a clear sleeve around the outside so that custom-designed artwork can be slid into them, creating a professional looking case. There are two basic methods for creating DVDs, “authored” and “unauthored” (or nonauthored).