The last time I went into business for myself, I did so on the strength of a relationship with one good, solid client.—a major U.S. corporation. I'd done a series of high-profile projects for them over the years, and every one had been a rousing success. However, leaving my situation would be a big step so, just to set my mind at ease, I took the video manager out to lunch and told her what I was thinking. I knew she couldn't promise anything, but I wanted to know if she foresaw any change in the level or number of videos her department would produce. She assured me that, if anything, the numbers would rise! Within a month I was printing business cards and letterhead and, with my eyes trained on my bright, busy future, never saw the pendulum swing. In that same month, a middle manager at the firm said, "Why are we spending all this money on independent producer/directors? Let's get someone in-house!" It was five years before I heard from that client again. That was two decades ago and since then that same pendulum has traced that same arc several times. The experience provided me with a bit of wisdom I often share: You will never have the same clients two years in a row. Over the years, I've been right more often than not and even if I am wrong, you're well advised to assume I'm going to be right and get some eggs into some other baskets. The first thing we're going to do is find you some baskets and point out some eggs.