Remember these 7 P's: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Production.

I've heard it said a half dozen ways with a variety of P's but the meaning persists; planning is paramount! If you don't believe it, scare up some horror stories. Everyone in the industry has some. You'll hear about the live report from the swim meet that is drowned out by the previously unnoticed loudspeaker above. You'll hear about the crew turned away from a critical shoot in the Middle East because women are required to wear skirts, not shorts! You'll hear of luggage lost, actors sauced, and wires crossed. Whose fault is it? Who cares?! The fact is, recorders jam, clients change scripts, grooms get cold feet, and it rains, sometimes for days on end. All a video maker can do is hope for the best, plan for the worst, and try to find the bright side. Tell the client the rain will make the shot "edgy."