Act 1. Scene 1. (Library in the house of Don Quexada, near Toledo. Enter Quexada, Ginez, and Domingo.) Quex. Lights, here! That I may examine these venerated tomes. Burn them not, señor.

’Tis to them we owe the conversion of a gentleman who hath resolved to end his days within a monastery, and doff the velvet mantle for a cowl! (Aside.) My young pupil, poor Don Juan! The Emperor Charles V commanded me to this proceeding, and Phillip II, our new sovereign, swore on no other terms to recognize him! (Approaching door.) Don Juan, art thou asleep? (Enter Raphaelo.)

Raph. He sleeps not, holy father, but is engaged in prayer. Quex. Consoling thought! He’ll yet be canonized! Bid him pray on. I would not disturb

his pious orisons! (Exit Raphaelo.) Tell me, knaves, how has Don Juan deported himself, the while I was from home? He always went to church, at the proper hour?