Act 1. Scene 1. (A street off which the pavement is up, and laid in heaps. On one side, the gateway of the Hotel de Grammont; near it, the washing tub and stall of a stocking mender. Enter Lauzun wrapt in his cloak.) Lau. (Entering.) ’Tis well! As the pavement is up, let my chairmen wait at the end of the

street. (Advances.) Broad day light, as I’m a living wretch-and the faro tables still crowded at the Duchesses! (Approaches the tub.) Aha! My little stocking mender not yet at her post? I thought the days of people of that description began where mine end-with the lark! No matter. I can wait. (Sits on a heap of stones, then starts up.) But what if some fine gentleman of my acquaintance should discover me here, dancing attendance upon the tub of a stocking darner? ’Twould be in the caricature shops by next weekend. What great man of the age is proof against a caricature? I’ve know them batter down an administration and place a dynasty in jeopardy. But who have we here? (Brouze throws open the gates of the Hotel de Grammont, and enters.)

Brou. Half past eight by the parish chimes! And Madame du Barry is to be with us by ten! How the dickens the countess’s fine equipage is to drive up to our door passes my comprehension. Plague upon the paviours! Between laying down pipes and taking up pies, the watch companies keep one in hot water all the year round!