Act 1. Scene 1. (Road before the inn of the Hunsdon Arms. The inn R.Enter Henry and Sippet, 2 2 E.L. with Countrymen, who carry baggage into the inn.) Sip. This way, my dear sir! I told you it was but a step from the station. Hen. A step for a pair of seven-leagued boots! Why ’tis nearly a mile. Sip. A mile it would be hard to miss, for ’tis straight in our road. (Points.) [Neat little

country inn, eh? The Hunsdon Arms used to afford good entertainment for man and horse; but men are the only brutes now left on the road to entertain; quadrupeds, divided by two, eh?] 3

Hen. How then are you to proceed to Hunsdon Castle, where you told me you were going on a visit?