Act 1. Scene 1. (A library with table in the foreground. Enter Ralph with dispatch box in each hand.) Ralph. (Putting them on the table.) Ugh! I’ve often heard of the weight of public

business and I suppose this is a sample. Ugh! (Takes out his handkerchief and wipes his face.) To be confidential porter to a minister of state certainly gives one something of a himposing hair among ones-inferiors, but I fancy now if I was light porter to a fashionable milliner, I should find the weight of public business rather better fitted to a hot day in the sun; and if hever I give up being a great man’s man, why-but mum! Here comes my lord and his old rogue of a con-fidential gentleman’s gentleman. I intended to have amused myself with the morning’s papers, or any other papers that happened to look mysterious or con-fidential but these people is always in the way. (Sneaking off. Enter Lord Marston and Davidson from an inner room. The latter motions Ralph to remain.)

Davidson. And what answer, my lord, am I to give to the old major, if he should call again?