The scene of Act 1 lies in the Palace of Trianon in 1787; of the second in the Chateau de Salvoisy near Epernay in 1791.

Act 1. Scene 1. (The Queen’s dressing room. A toilet richly set out with a single fau teuil before it. Lauzun, De Vassan entering.) De Vas. May I crave the honor of a moment’s audience from the Duc de Lauzun? Lauz. Delighted to see you, my dear De Vassan. What are your commands with me? De Vas. Ah, my lord! What am I to think of the horrible intelligence which has just

reached my ears? Lauz. Horrible intelligence? De Vas. My very blood runs cold to think of it. Lauz. (Impatiently.) My dear sirDe Vas. A rumor prevails at court, that my appointment of Master of the Royal Hounds,

is about to be suppressed. Lauz. And why not? De Vas. Why not? What is to become of the poor dear fauning creatures under my charge

accustomed as they are to feed out of his Majesty’s own hand? Lauz. Suppress them too, by all means. There will be plenty of fauning creatures left at

Versailles. We will look out for a place for you in some other department. De Vas. Alas, my good lord. What place is secure, what appointment sacred, nowadays?