Act 1. Scene 1. (A mean attic, having casts of the Venus de Medicis and Apollo, with a lute, and various objects of vertu, scattered about. A window, and near it a door opening into an inner laboratory. Enter Bertholdus, driving in Gronikind; Lena following.) 2 Ber. (Striking Gron. with his cane.) Varlet! caitiff! 3 plunderer! (Gron. throws himself on

his knees.) Len. (Interposing.) Father! dear father! mercy! Ber. Mercy on a paltry, pilfering picklock! (Strikes him.) Confess, thou prying knave,

confess! Gron. (Putting up his hands.) Peccavi! Domine! Peccavi. Ber. (To Lena.) You hear? And what took you groping into my presses? Answer me that. Gron. (Rising.) Hunger! 4 To wage war with the mice for any mouldy crust or morsel of

cheese-paring I might chance to light on. You are always bidding me look with veneration on your collection of rarities, master, and truly the rarest thing in your house were a mouthful of wholesome nourishment.