Dramatis Personae Louis XV (Blue silk coat with large crimson satin cuffs, crimson satin waistcoat, trimmed with silver, blue silk breeches, black slouched hat with feather triming, high black shoes and ties, and yellow silk domino)

Duke de Richelieu (Pink silk full-skirted coat trimmed with silver, pink silk breeches, silver embroidered waistcoat, three-cornered hat trimmed with feather, domino, and dress sword)

Sir Henry Arundel (Puce-colored embroidered silk coat, satin embroidered waistcoat, white silk breeches, and hat trimmed with feather)

General Count Dillon (Scarlet broad-skirted coat with large yellow cuffs, trimmed with gold ribbon knots on each shoulder, white breeches, silk stockings, and shoes)

Major de Burgh (Scarlet broad-skirted coat trimmed with gold lace, large yellow cuffs, white breeches, high black boots, hat trimmed with feather, and sword)

Major Macnamara (Dressed as Major de Burgh) Cornet O’Callaghan (Dressed as Major de Burgh) Captain O’Neil (Dressed as Major de Burgh) Rafe (Light drab poplin coat, embroidered waistcoat, white silk breeches, three-

cornered hat trimmed with white feather) Countess Dillon (Pink and silver brocade open dress, white satin petticoat flounced,

and lace ruffles) Marchioness de Clermont (White satin open dress, petticoat with flounce, and ruffles) Duchess de Mailly (Blue and silver brocade dress, ruffles and gauze veil) Males and females all wear powder.