Inflated vocabulary has an insidious effect. Soon we begin to use two or three words to express in a ‘roundabout’ way an idea that could have been expressed more briefly:

Samples have been subjected to centrifugation… (Samples have been centrifuged…) The epithelial cells exhibit proliferation. (The epithelial cells proliferate.) X has a remarkable degree of stability. (X is remarkably stable.) reported that the batches experienced a colour change during storage. (reported that the batches changed colour during storage.) Batch-to-batch variation which occurred with X does not appear to be

exhibited to the same extent by Y. (Y does not seem to vary from batch to batch as much as X.) X is the procedure of choice from the point of view of cost. (X is the cheapest/least expensive procedure.) water stress sufficient to cause cessation of leaf elongation. (sufficient to stop the leaves growing longer.) The beginning of the drought coincided with the commencement of ear

emergence. (The drought began as the ears began to emerge.) One of the problems encountered with Glug is the difficulty experienced in

extruding the material out of 2oz tubes (It is difficult to squeeze Glug out of 2oz tubes.)

The storage facilities consist of a number of steel fabricated cylindrical bottles. The bottles, linked by header tubes, are sited in an area adjacent to the compressor building, the ground having been excavated for the purpose of siting the bottles, the earth being subsequently replaced such that the bottles are now subterranean.