In the dedication prefixed to 'Ihe second part of the Myrro1' of Knighthood, published in 1583, Thomas East writes: "there chanced about a three yeares since to come into my handes the first part of a Spanish translation, intituled, The Mirrour of Knighthood." This takes us back to about 1580. J. de Perott, in a note on 'Ihe Mirrour of Knighthood in the Romanic RerJiew (1913, vol. IV. pp. 397-402), gives reasons for placing the date of publication nearer to that of licensing: there is "a certain degree of probability" that an episode from the romance was performed on the English stage on 1 March, 1579; and the names Artimedorus and Lisimandro in Lyly's Euphues (Arber's edn., 1895, p. 444) derive from the romance. The first reason is not given as a sure one, and the Lyly reference should be to Euphues and hi.s England, first published in 1580.