In addition to theoretical perspectives on youthful deviance, a variety of family-related causes and correlates of delinquent behavior have frequently been mentioned (Flowers, 1990, 2000; Helfer and Kempe, 1976; Wright and Wright, 1996). Most notably, juvenile antisocial conduct has been linked with such intrafamilial factors as child abuse (Hunner and Walker, 1981; Lane and Davis, 1987; Silver, Dublin, and Lourie, 1969; Welsh, 1976), a cycle of intrafamilial violence (Burgess, Hartman, and McCormack, 1987; Farrington, 1990; Flowers, 1994; Olweus, 1980), broken homes (Bowlby, 1951; McCord, 1982; Sroufe, 1986; Wadsworth, 1979), and family discord and dysfunction (Andry, 1962; Loeber and StouthamerLoeber, 1986; Riley and Shaw, 1985; Weinberg, 1958).