As we continue to work with pupils who are having difficulties at the secondary phase it becomes increasingly apparent that one strand of work which needs development is work on the transfer from primary to secondary school. Most pupils find this transfer stressful even if they are also excited and generally very positive about the move. For pupils who have already experienced problems at primary school this is less likely to be the case. Even if they anticipate a new start it is fraught with possible difficulties. Pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties find this transfer particularly worrying. They often experience difficulties with making friends and with forming trusting adult relationships and these are two activities they will have to do in abundance on arrival at secondary school. These are the sort of worries pupils supported at this transfer stage have voiced:

'There will be so many something different.' 'How will I remember which 'Other kids will know I have see if they can make me lose it.' 'Where will I go if things go 'Older kids put your head down the toilet.' 'Some teachers are mean. What will I do if they pick on me?'