Detailed reading Detailed reading, as the name suggests, means just that - attention to deta il. Every word must be read carefully so that there is no ambiguity. Examination questions. in structions and legal contracts are the best examples of the type of reading material that requires Ihis technique. All pupil s would benefit from being taught when deta iled read ing is needed and why . What might seem obvious to yOll as a parent or teacher may not seem so obvious to the pupi l. who may be thinking, learning and seeing things in their mind' s eye in a different way. A mu lti sensory approach with an emphas is on the kinaesthetic and visual channels wou ld be one of the best ways to approach th is. We often use the test shown in Figure 2.3 as a starting point to illustrate Ihe importance of following test in structions. Pupils get very annoyed when they fall into the trap of not reading careful ly. By not following the written instructions in this test to the letter. they waste their own time!