Grammar is concerned with words and the ir usage. Just as a carpenter needs tools to make furn iture. nai ls and glue arc also requ ired to hold the pieces of furnit ure together. Words are the bricks of our language: grammar is the mortar that binds them toget her. Dyslexic pupils need (0 be taught Eng lish grammar in a structured. explicit and multi sensory way . The log ic that ru ns through the backbone of grammar provides a bluepri nt for leachi ng. Leiters lead to word s. words lead to sentences, sentences lead (0 paragraphs and paragraphs lead to pages. articles. essays, reports and books. From this base. the interwoven threads that make up the umbrell a term of 'grammar' radiate laterally. This is a perfect structure for the lateral thinker and dyslex ic mind.