Welcome to the future of psychology training and education! By deciding to read this book, you have embraced the reality that psychology education is in the process of expanding beyond the traditional classroom-based setting into the great digital universe. Classroom-based instruction is likely to always be an important component of higher education, but new teaching modalities are emerging that are pushing psychology instruction at all levels into a new realm that is unique to the 21st century and to our current context. Consider that in the mid-1990s, the notion of online education was almost unheard of. The proposition that an individual could obtain a college degree, or at least complete part of his or her coursework, by sitting at a computer terminal probably seemed absurd. In 2012, we are undergoing one of the largest transitions in education, with far-reaching implications for the delivery of not only undergraduate psychology education, but also for K-12 education, graduate education, professional development and lifelong learning, as well as workplace development and training. Perhaps in 2025, a time without online education will seem as equally preposterous as the idea of online education would have done in the mid-1990s. Quite simply, we are in the midst of one of the greatest transformational periods in the history of education. The tips, tricks, and advice featured in this book will help you more easily navigate this new virtual landscape, and guide you to create, launch, and succeed as an online psychology educator.