Paul Dragos Aligic and Peter Boettke produced the first detailed study of the work of Elinor and Vincent Ostrom under the title Challenging Institutional Analysis and Development. They stress the challenge of the Ostroms work to mainstream economics and its opposition to the binary state versus market division. Eoin Flaherty has engaged in a more detailed examination of the value of Marxist and social-ecological systems approaches to understanding the rundale, an Irish common pool property system. While not presented as a critique of Ostroms work, Eoin Flaherty's examination of the Irish rundales, as social-ecological systems, is a study of common pool property regimes that utilizes both Marx and Ostrom. What is often awkward and marginal in mainstream economics, and indeed political science, is obvious and introductory within Elinor Ostroms science, and the wider network of scholars with whom she worked, including Vincent Ostrom.