Publishers are repositioning themselves to take advantage of the globalization of book markets. They are reviewing their internal structures and are keen to obtain the world rights to potential bestsellers. The success of authors such as Stephanie Meyer and Stieg Larsson has shown how books can sell in large numbers across a variety of markets, and franchises can develop in other media. Will the growth of ebooks drive the penetration of bestsellers across different markets? What will happen in smaller markets, faced with competition from the global players? For books two key trends are driving globalization: digitization and the growth

of reading in English around the world. A bestselling author has the opportunity to see revenues from rights deals in other languages, and from export editions in the original language. With the global reach of ebooks, the original language edition can be accessed directly by a consumer. If the printing press enabled scalability, so that one book can reach many different readers, then the ebook is even more scalable in that demand can be satisfied straight away almost anywhere in the world.