In the previous chapter, it has been shown that NGM adopts a functional approach to music which is evident in their valuation of music as a ‘tool’ to connect with young people in their evangelistic activities. The information available on the organisation’s website alongside the interviews conducted with the NGM DJs suggest that music has a connective value in establishing

and maintaining relationships with non-Christians involved in EDMC based on their shared musical tastes. In this chapter, I aim to fi nd out more about the role of music in evangelical activities, seeing how such a functional approach is manifested in another group and also how music is evaluated diff erently by 24-7 Mission. Apart from suggesting that music is a connective tool to form a sense of community among clubbers, a number of respondents from 24-7 Mission also highlight the inherent sonic qualities of EDM to convey ‘the transcendent’. They suggest that EDM possesses what they refer to as ‘spiritual’ elements that enhance their Christian worship practises. A new perspective on music is then going to be off ered in this chapter as the respondents underscore the expression of self in dancing to EDM within Christian worship experiences. Another aim of this chapter is to investigate how the mission team taps into the existing club culture on Ibiza in order to facilitate their evangelistic goals on the island. This observation off ers a new perspective on how evangelicals promote and organise music events in the context of EDMC.